Screw oil Press

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The 6YL series oil press description

The 6YL series screw oil press machine is popular screw oil press machine, characterized by its high oil output rate with good quality, simple design, easy to operate and continuous operation.

This automatic screw oil press machine is the quite advanced one among the processing machinery of oil plants.

Our oil press machine has cold & hot press functions, which provide you more choices! It can making oil from many kinds of vegetable seeds, for example: cotton seeds, peanut/groundnuts, soybean, linseed, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, sesame, rapeseeds, grape seeds, niger seed, walnut, almond, black seed etc.

Main features:

1,Simple design, small volume and lightweight,easy to handle and move.

2,Low labor intensity and high ecaonmical profit.

   It has multiple functions, including to screw oil press ,electrical element for heating chamber ,vacuum filter for clearing oil .Before pressing some parts of the press such as the press chamber, press screw and press ring will be preheated. During pressing, the press can filte the oil in due time. Only one machine the user could get the better edible oil The machine is matched with one controlling cabinet box for controlling all working of the machines